We live in a time often characterized by tension and open conflict between people of different cultures and religions. Tucson is increasingly becoming home to people from the Arab world with approximately 5,000 Arabic- speaking immigrants living here now. The University of Arizona also draws hundreds of Middle Eastern students each year. America is a great nation in part because its people are committed to peacefully living together with mutual respect, and those of us in Tucson can now take concrete steps to reach out to our newest neighbors.

Dedicated in February 2005 by Director Magdy Behman and Mayor Bob Walkup, The Arabian Oasis opened its doors to the vital task of building a more peaceful tomorrow, today. The Arabian Oasis is a Cultural Center designed to be a safe place for Arabic-speaking people and Americans to meet, drink tea, play pool or watch movies together; to learn about one another's culture and customs, and celebrate holidays together; and to openly discuss differences and build cross-cultural friendships.

We welcome anyone interested in better understanding Arabic people, culture, and practices to get involved by participating in our efforts and financially supporting this extraordinary endeavor. Whether you would like to simply make a few friends, help people fill out forms, negotiate simple business matters or come offer specific skills, we invite you to join us in equipping these newcomers to integrate into American society. We also ask you to consider how you and your organization can help us better engage the Tucson community in this task, and improve our community in the process. Together, we can work toward a future of peace.